Friday, July 18, 2008

Why are conservatives so pessimistic about America?

Yesterday, Al Gore called on America to create 100 percent of our electricity from renewable energy sources within ten years. This would take all of our prodigious intellect and ingenuity. But, aren’t we Americans?

So, why did conservatives and republicans respond with their customary pessimism? Yet again, they said we can’t do it, we’re not smart enough. Why can’t we raise the cafĂ© standards to 50 miles per gallon? We’re not smart enough. Why can’t we get off fossil fuels? We not smart enough. Why can’t we provide health care and pensions for all? We’re simply not smart enough.

When are we going to return to the days of optimism? When the congress would pass “technology forcing legislation” believing we’ll figure it out? In the 1930s and 40s, we helped end a worldwide depression and defeat Hitler’s Nazi armies. We created social security, rebuilt Europe. In the 1960s we overturned a century of American apartheid. In the 1970s, Richard Nixon signed the clean air and clean water acts. Why can’t we get off oil?

If we don’t use our incredible ability to figure things out and get things done, Germany, France, Japan, and even China will do it, reaping all the benefits stemming from such advances

It’s time to call on the republican party to stop whining and help bring American back to its position as undisputed leader of the world.


Anonymous said...

Great post, If I do say so myself.

Anthony said...

It's not a matter of not being smart enough to pull out of it.

We face an energy crisis because we—the people, the government, the business leaders—either lacked the foresight to see or ignored those who warned us of what was to come. So a grow-or-die economy was created and with cheap energy running out it's not a matter of just thinking up some brand-new, amazing new way to fuel this unsustainable economy and the lifestyle it supports. There needs to be serious cutting back and then they can actually work on realistic energy plans.

Optimism is great, but it has to be realistic. Maybe we can have clean energy in 10 years, but things aren't going to look like they do today. We can't have as many flashing lights and roaring engines. It's just that simple.