Thursday, December 31, 2009

Real Class in the NCAA

I watched the Arizona - Nebraska bowl game last night. Arizona's coach showed great class. When Nebraska had showed its defense deserved it, Arizona's coach gave the Huskers a chance to get a shutout; a huge deal in major college football.

Arizona had a high powered offense, but Nebraska's defense had completely shut it down. With only a few minutes left in the game, Arizona's offense had only been on Nebraska's side of the field two or three times and hadn't scored. Nebraska led 33-0.

With just over a minute to go, Arizona had moved inside the Nebraska ten yard line. Arizona had a fourth down, three yards to go, on the eight yard line: easy chance to kick a field goal and put some points on the board before the game ended.

Instead, Arizona went for a first down, giving Nebraska a chance to get the shutout.

What a classy move. We could use a lot more of that.

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