Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Bush Iraq Comparisons to Past Wars Are Nonsense

George Bush compared the conflict in Iraq to past wars today. His comparisons were utter nonsense.

First, he made a comparison to the sneak attack on Pearl Harbor. Following Pearl Harbor, however, we went to war with the nation that actually attacked us, not some random country. And, we had a plan for occupying the country after the war ended. Four years after the end of the war in Iraq, we still don’t have a clue.

Then, he compared a pullout from Iraq with the pullout from Vietnam, citing the re-education camps and the “killing fields” that took place after we left Vietnam. The re-education camps and the killing fields were not even in Vietnam. They were phenomena that took place in Cambodia. Its possible that we even aided the Khmer Rouge takeover with Richard Nixon’s secret bombing of the country. And, do ya know who rescued the Cambodian people from the killing fields? … The Viet Cong; the people we were fighting in Vietnam. Cambodia is now a democracy, thanks to France and the United Nations.

Finally, Bush said that because we met our commitments in Korea, South Korea is a democracy. George … You seem to have failed to notice that South Korea has been in a state of war for over fifty years now.

Perhaps, the next time you try to cite lessons from history, you should put down the Bible and learn something about history first.


RockStories said...

Just wanted to point out that Bush is every bit as fuzzy on the Bible as he is on history.

GreyTheory said...

I never said he read the Bible. I figgered he just stares at the pages.