Monday, August 06, 2007

Sorry Rudy, But America is Tired of Mindless Posturing

[ok, due to 1984-like posturing, I’m getting directly political this time]

Since September 11, 2001, Rudy Giuliani has shown himself to be a master of political posturing. He has shown he can talk tough about real and imagined enemies, but he has nothing useful to add to the conversation.

Rudy is widely considered to be a hero for his handling of “9/11.” What did he do? Nothing more than a hamster could have done. Basically, he got on camera and said … this sucks, we’ll take care of the victims, and we’ll go get the bastards who did this. Any hamster could have done this. By the way, the bastards are still alive and well, thanks to President Hamster.

Now, Rudy is railing against Democrats for not adopting his worthless phrase “Islamic Terrorists.” This term has no real meaning. Rudy’s real purpose, here, is to blindly connect all Muslims to terrorism; to create an easily identifiable enemy. A refusal to use the phrase Islamic Terrorists is not political correctness, but an attempt to focus on the real issues facing America and the world.

Islam is, at its core, a peace loving religion. The principle of Jihad only allows Muslims to defend themselves, just as Americans would defend our homeland. Most Muslims are as aghast at terrorists, acting in the name of Islam, as we are.

If Rudy is really interested in dealing with the issue of terrorism, he needs to stop acting as a shill. He needs to talk about the factors that create terrorism: poverty, hopelessness, and humiliation. Yes, Bin Laden was super wealthy, but he exploited the poverty and hopelessness of many of the world’s Muslims. Without such social and economic conditions, he would have been on his own and couldn’t have led any attacks against American interests.

Rudy … Words matter. Posturing for political gain only leads to failure.

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